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We specialize in Custom Built Log Cabins & Log Homes ...
We have more than
40 years of experience
building residential log cabins, log homes
and commercial log buildings in
North America and international markets !!!

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Phone: 678-756-8793 (Roger)
678-602-9276 (Teri)   

Email: Teri@CabinLivingLogHomes.com

Log Cabin Home Builder: We build handcrafted custom log cabins, log
homes & log additions (to existing homes) for customers in the Southeastern
USA (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Virginia, West Virginia) as well as other states between the east coast and
west coast... we have built more than 450 log cabins and log homes from the
east coast (New York)... to the Rocky Mountains (Colorado)... to the west
coast (California).

Please Contact Us for a Quote for your own custom log cabin, log home or
log addition to your existing home ...or ... any questions regarding our log
cabin, log home, log addition building services or log building supplies:
Collinsville, AL 35961

Teri: 678-602-9276    
...dedicated to Quality, Value &
Customer Satisfaction:  crafted
log cabins, log homes, logs,
beams, lumber, building
supplies and more
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Log cabin home builder, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, USA, sawmill
Log cabin home builder, AL, GA, TN, SC, FL, SC, NC, VA, KY, MS, LA, log sawmill lumber, log building supplies