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We specialize in Custom Built Log Cabins & Log Homes
and have more than 40 years of experience
building residential log homes, log cabins,
log additions and commercial
log buildings in North America and
international markets !!!

On this site you will find:
that we have completed.

Log Cabin Home Builder: We build handcrafted custom log cabins, log homes
& log additions (to existing homes) for customers in the Southeastern USA
(Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Virginia, West Virginia) as well as other states between the east coast and
west coast... we have built more than 500 log cabins and log homes from the
east coast (New York)... to the Rocky Mountains (Colorado)... to the west
coast (California).

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding any
of our Log Cabins, Log Homes, Building Supplies and/or services, please
Contact Us.

Roger Chastain is a second generation sawmill operator. Learning by his
Father's side as a child, he is at home with all the equipment. Roger has
extensive knowledge to assist your needs:
  • More than 40 years of home construction experience.
  • More than 30 years of Log Home building experience (handcrafted
  • More than 500 log homes built in locations extending from the east coast
    to the west coast... and as far away as Japan.

Roger manages the company with his wife and partner, Teri Chastain, who
has more than 20 years of Real Estate & building experience.
Customize the interior of your home...
just the way you want it... with beams
and log accents... tongue and groove
panels... custom cabinetry... lighting...
and more... to suit your needs.
Roger is actively involved with his
men throughout each log home
construction project. Our custom,
handcrafted log cabins & log
homes are notched and placed by
Roger himself.

Here are a few examples of our custom log cabins, log homes, log home
additions & other log building projects:
Macon, GA - D-log cabin home - 2,500 square feet
Cape Cod, Master on the main floor, two
bedrooms upstairs, tongue and groove interior, 2
car garage.
The above estate style log home is approx 17,000
sq ft... Custom built, elevator, two spiral
staircases, bamboo flooring, etc...
Jasper, GA - round log cabin home -
Logs cut on site and saddle-notch - Round rafters -
Spiral log staircase - Custom cabinetry w/breakfast
bar and Tennessee flagstone countertops, wheel
chair ramp and much more.
Whether its logs, beams, siding,
lumber you're interested in... or have
questions about building a log cabin,
log home or the construction of a log
addition to your existing home...
Please contact us (or come by and
visit us) for all your wood log milling
and/or log home needs.  

We offer rough cut wood in all
dimensions... including: beams, logs,
siding, lumber and more.  We also
offer planned wood in a wide variety
of styles and sizes (eg: tongue &
groove, etc).
Collinsville, AL 35961
Teri: 678-602-9276
...dedicated to Quality, Value &
Customer Satisfaction:  crafted
log cabins, log homes, logs,
beams, lumber, building
supplies and more
Valdosta, GA - D-log cabin home - 3,500 square feet
-Rock Fireplace, Trapezoid glass, wrap around
porches, etc...
Statesboro, GA - Round-on-round - 7,000 square
feet - tongue & groove interior - master
bedroom with fireplace -
Log cabin home builder, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, USA, sawmill
Log cabin home builder, AL, GA, TN, SC, FL, SC, NC, VA, KY, MS, LA, log sawmill lumber, log building supplies